Field, Flower, Vase Publishes Today!

Today is the day! Field, Flower, Vase publishes in the USA today and in the UK on Thursday, March 4th!

You can read an excerpt of the book at Martha Stewart!

Order the book through any of the links here.

Thank you for all the sweet support. I truly hope this book inspires your own foraging and flower creations at home! I always love seeing your projects, so if you make any of the projects in the book or want to share your copy, I would love to see it. Just share under our hashtag on Instagram.



If you pre-ordered the book, you can still get a code for 15% off of our classes at the flower school (live classes not included). Just send over your receipt to The coupon expires today!


Tomorrow is publication day for FIELD, FLOWER, VASE! You can watch the book trailer, below or over on You Tube

I really hope this book will inspire flower arrangements throughout your home from season to season.

Remember if you pre-order the book, just send over your receipt today for a code (valid for purchases until March 2nd for purchase of any class in our flower school (live classes not included). Send your receipt to me at or DM me on Instagram.

If you make a project in the book, or you receive your book this week, I would love to see! You can post on Instagram under the hashtag: #fieldflowervase!

Happy Flower Arranging!




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More pre-order links here! Or through your local bookshop! 

The Best Flower Clippers

UPDATE! We now sell our own hand-forged flower clippers. My favorite style! You can buy them here.

A lot of flower students ask where to find the best clippers so I thought I would do a post today sharing a few of my favorites. When I need a new pair of clippers, I usually grab them from a local shop or hardware store. Shopping locally is something that I am a big believer in and your local hardware store will usually have garden clippers  that will work great for arranging!  Many traditional florists will use knives but I have never liked using them so I am not including any here today. These are clipper styles I actually use in my everyday floral work. Some are prettier than others but at the end of the day, the quality of clippers and the comfort is going to matter the most!

1. Niwaki Rattan Snips It is great to have a pair of floral snips for bulbs, and soft stemmed flowers like wildflowers. You don’t ever want to use scissors because they will pinch the stems, causing an opportunity for bacteria to grow. Snips are a great option for delicate flowers with soft stems. These rattan handled ones from Niwaki are great.

2. Niwaki Higurashi Scissors  This is my tried and true favorite style of flower clippers. They work with a variety of stem types and are comfortable for the hands. I have heard some people say they don’t find them comfortable, so you need to find a style that works best for you. If you find these too heavy, try the Sakagen option below.

3. Niwaki Higurashi Snips Another option for snips that I quite like using for more delicate flowers. 

4. Sakagen Flower Scissors  These are some of the most practical and durable clippers I have ever owned. They are awesome for everyday use because they fit the hand comfortably but they are lightweight.

5. Felco Pruning Shear Every florist needs a pair of Felcos or a comparable pruning shear. These are awesome for super thick woody stems like fruit branches and lilac! 

6. Camellia Oil This Japanese camellia oil is great for taking care of your Japanese flower shears.

For some general flower shear perusing, here are a few of my favorite sources:



The Golden Rabbit

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