Floristry: My 3 Big Mistakes

I have been on this floristry journey for over 20 years and worked every flower job you can imagine. Today I am sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned and mistakes I made. In today’s video, I am sharing three things I did absolutely wrong that caused me a lot of frustration when I first started my flower shop. I hope you find this helpful.

I would love to help you avoid these same mistakes!


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Bottom photo: Sanda Vuckovic.

What is it like to be a florist?

Discover the ins and outs of becoming a florist! This video looks at some aspects of the floral industry you might be unfamiliar with and explores different approaches to becoming a florist. I also share steps you can take now to begin an exploration into a floral career. I hope you find it helpful! Be sure to leave a comment on the video with your questions!

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2nd photo by Mina Park.

Feature in Home and Gardens

Take a look at the July issue of Homes and Gardens from the UK, and you will see a lovely feature on the dried potpourri story from Field, Flower, Vase: Arranging and Crafting with Seasonal and Wild Blooms. 

Thank you Homes and Gardens for this lovely spread! 

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