Dia da Espiga

Today is Dia da Espiga in Portugal. Of course I love a cultural tradition that revolves around foraging flowers! I wrote about this day in Field, Flower, Vase and made a project inspired by the bouquets foraged for home on this day.

One of my first friends in Lisbon, Rita Teles Garcia, taught me about Dia da Espiga and illustrated the concept for the book. We didn’t have space for them in the final edit, so I wanted to share them here.

If you live in the city, you will buy a “ramos” or wildflower bouquet from a flower seller on the street. If you live in the country, you will gather your own in the meadows. I explain further in my book, but each flower has a special meaning and it is important that they are all used together in the bouquet.

Yesterday, my friend Pedro told me his father used to pick him up from school every year on this day to gather bouquets for his mother and siblings. Traditionally the bouquets are put in the house to dry, as you see in the last photo.

Check out the #diadaespiga feed to see all the beautiful bouquets today
Illustrations by @ritatelesgarcia 

Florist Tricks: Where to Buy Cut Flowers

Pinning down your local flower sources can be a challenge, particularly if you have a certain style you are after. If you want to be a florist, you need to have a solid system around flower sourcing. Flowers are your medium! It is important that you have a reliable source for special ingredients and it should never be just one source. Since this is one of the most common questions I get asked, I have put together some resources for you. I hope you find them helpful!

1. Florist Tricks: Where to Buy Cut Flowers 

This 8 minute video will walk you through the basics of fresh flower sourcing as a florist!

2. Field, Flower, Vase: Arranging and Crafting with Seasonal and Wild Blooms

In my floral arranging book, I offer lots and lots of tips around flower sourcing in your area, many unexpected!

3. How to Source Flowers Guide

Here is my tried and true guide for 10 flower sources I use.

4. Source Beautiful Cut Flowers: A Workshop for Floral Designers. Floral Stylists, and Floral Artists

In this 45 minute free training, I offer you all my secret sources, the ins and outs of getting a wholesale floral license, and much more!

Reach out with any questions!


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