Virtual Flower Arranging Workshops

An arrangement from today’s virtual flower arranging workshop!

Our summer virtual flower arranging workshops are booking up for the months ahead! We offer two main workshops and custom floral arranging workshops for corporate teams and private groups. 

Book your class and we will send out flower kits to each person. The class takes place live online on Zoom or Google Meet. During the class, I walk each student through the arrangement that we make-along together.

Each student receives a vase, clippers, and just-picked, farmer’s choice flowers.

Each student receives their own kit with all supplies and flowers from our partner farm. We can accommodate international orders (always sourcing within the country or region of the student).  We can also offer the class without kits, instead offering a shopping and supply list for participants to source from their own home, garden, and neighborhood. This is of course, the most sustainable way to hold this class so we are always open to these bookings as well.

We’ve held classes for everyone for all the major tech companies and lots of private parties and groups. 

Click here for details and booking for virtual flower arranging workshops!

Flower and Garden Retreat Edition Three

Our outdoor flower studio at Aldeia da Mata Pequena.

That’s a wrap on our last spring FLOWER AND GARDEN RETREAT of 2023!! We had a wonderful group of floral designers and flower enthusiasts for this session. Our group blended together beautifully as we enjoyed picnic style meals with a view of a windmill and the full moon, foraging and native plant lessons, flower crown making, loose stem floral design, compostable flower arranging, hand-tied bouquets, farm tours, and so much more! It’s a full week of flowers and plants, and getting to know new friends, brought together by flowers! A big thank you to all our vendors, guides, teachers, hosts, and guests!! 

If you’d like to join next year’s retreat, you can see all of the details here.

Welcome baskets with our custom screenprinted herbariums, flower arranging tools and Portuguese products like lemon olive oil and lavander soap.

A selection of locally grown and foraged flowers for the guests to arrange with.

Paula, preparing one of our picnic style meals created by A Praca Sintra.

Our dinner table facing a windmill with views of the full moon. The table setting features student arrangements that we made with compostable mechanics.

Flower and fruit infused water.

Each cottage is completely unique and offers the guests a chance to bring their foraged wildflowers and compositions inside to enjoy during their week in the Portuguese countryside.

Foraged olive branches in one of the cottages at Aldea da Mata Pequena.

Each cottage oozes with historic charm.

Agrostemma we harvested together from a local flower farm.

Each student gets the chance to press flowers in our communal press to later be kept inside this custom herbarium as a keepsake from their trip.

Our flower arranging station.

Foraged and locally grown flowers.

Our adorable group with their wildflower arrangements!

Flower + Garden Retreat 2nd Edition

Cat Seixas teaching us how to harvest lavender for a special folk craft we made one afternoon.

We had a super lovely FLOWER AND GARDEN RETREAT at the beginning of May! You can read some details over on Instagram but I wanted to share here on the blog as well. The week was rich and full of learning about flower farming, organic farms, flower arranging, native flora, foraging, wild edibles, formal Portuguese gardens and palaces, visiting secret garden gems in the city,  and more. All while snacking and enjoying beautiful garden-fresh and homemade Portuguese food. Take a look below to enjoy some of the details of our experience.

Emily and her hand-tied bouquet of foraged and locally grown ingredients.

Patty and her chartreuse infused hand-tied bouquet!

Cat with her woven flower crown of daisies and olive greens.

Our outdoor flower studio.

Exploring foxgloves at Flores Daqui, a flower farm designed around a cork tree.

Welcome baskets with our herbariums and other beautiful and useful goodies for guests.

Foraged sweet peas

Eating an apple cake topped with borage flowers at Quinta do Arneiro.

Learning about native flowers (and a few special cultivars) from Joao Ferreira.

Visiting Nuno Prato’s Cabinet of Curiosities hidden within a building downtown.

Setting up our Portuguese meal overlooking the Mafra countryside.

Escaping the city heat, into a secret jungle garden inside a private residence in LIsbon.

There’s so much more! A seafood fest! A planting and propagation workshop! Pressing flowers! Adventures at palaces and more! I don’t like to share every single detail online because these experiences are really for in-person and there’s no way I could fully express the depth of this experience in a blog post. We have one more retreat this year (next week!). If you’d like to join us next year, you can take a look at our dates and itinerary for 2024 if an intensive flower school experience is more your speed, check out our floral career retreat.

A special thank you to our collaborators on our retreat!

Aldeia da Mata Pequena

Paula Guimarāes

Fernanda Botelho

A Praca Sintra

Joao Ferreira

Tomas Tojo

Nuno Pratos

Quinta do Arneiro 

Quinta de S’anta Ana

Flores Daqui

Flor Daninha

Cat Seixas/Olive Trees and The Moon

Valentina Marukha (many of these are her photos!)

And of course our lovely and very careful drivers at Golden Compass.

So sorry if I forgot someone!! 🌸❤️

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