Enjoy these free downloads and resources about flower arranging.

How to Become a Florist: A Checklist

This free checklist walks you through 23 action points for beginning a new career with flowers.

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Photo courtesy of Hannah Jenson Dansie.

Where to Buy Your Flowers

as a floral designer, florist, or stylist

In this free workshop, you will learn:

The basics of obtaining a wholesale license

How to source flowers for floristry when you live in a rural area

The best way to source ingredients as a stylist

3 eco-friendly ideas for flower sourcing

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Flower Installation Checklist

Create a floral installation!

This is your toolkit checklist to create a grounded floral installation with foraged wildflowers. The toolkit includes everything you need for mechanics, including clickable links for sources.

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How to Keep Flowers Fresh: A Checklist

Learn every step for prepping your flowers to make them last as long as possible in the vase. If you follow this checklist, your flowers should last up to two weeks! 

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How to Source Cut Flowers

Have you ever wondered where florists source their ingredients? Download the flower sourcing guide with all my sourcing secrets to help you procure garden style ingredients for your floral arrangements. ~

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Learn How to Use Edible Flowers

Get an introduction to edible flowers. This guide will walk you through 10 edible flowers, their flavor profiles, and recipe ideas. 

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