Summer Flower Combo Idea

A current favorite flower combination includes cinnamon basil, cornflowers, and cowherb or Vaccaria hispanica (you could get a similar look with Gypsophila elegans). Cowherb is actually a native, endangered plant where I live so I was happy that it was included in a wildflower mix I recently planted. Planting cutting, and replanting and saving seeds of native flowers is a great way to practice sustainable floral design. 

If you want to learn more about sustainable flower growing and arranging, please check out our workshops at September Flower School

Kickstart Your Floristry Career: September Session

As part of our September Flower School, I’ll be walking you through the very first steps to start your career as a floral designer or floral artist. Gain confidence with your own designs, your own style, and lay the first parts of your foundation for your floral design career.

-Learn how to own your creativity and not be afraid to share your work.

-Gain confidence in floral design so you aren’t afraid to call yourself a floral designer or flower artist.

-Master the basics of working with fresh flowers.

-Procure and solidify your flower sourcing.

-Learn my blueprint for a successful flower arrangement. 

-Find your own style and niche.

-Get personalized feedback and group coaching from me!

-Current career students and spring conference attendees enter the conference for free.

-Download our done for you cheatsheets to start bulding your systems around sourcing, flower recipes, and pricing.

-Lessons are a mix of live and recorded lessons.


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Incorporating Plant Cuttings into Floral Designs

In the search to reduce the footprint of one vase of flowers, I am always looking for new, more-earth-friendly ways to approach floral design. 

Recently, I’ve been creating compositions with floral and plant cuttings. The stems grow roots in the vase and after go on to grow into plants and even offer food in the way of herbs, blossoms, or fruit to the owner.

I’ll be sharing this concept in a new hands-on workshop:

-Walk away with a list of plants you can use for this more circular design method

-Learn how to design with cuttings

-Learn how to use the cuttings after the floral arrangement has faded

-Make a floral composition using stems that will grow roots easily in the vase.

I am so excited to design with you in this new workshop on September 17th! All of our career students are automatically enrolled into the course.

If you’d like to book this single workshop, book here! You can also book it as part of our September Flower School Bundle by August 16th to save over $50!

See you in class!


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