3 Things Your Floral Design Portfolio Needs

Lately, I’ve been helping a lot of students edit through their floral design portfolios. I want to share three tips today that can help you take the next steps to launch a beautiful, professional, and effective portfolio that actually helps you book the clients you want.

-Identify the possible products you’ll be selling and create a portfolio of the type of work you want to be doing. For instance, if you want to focus on weekly deliveries, it will be important to feature a number of vase arrangements that you would actually deliver for a client. Or, if you want to focus on wedding and events, you’ll need photography of an event or at least a styled photo shoot of event work in your portfolio.

-You’ll need professional photography. Whether you decide to up-level your photo skills or team up with a professional photographer, you need clean backdrops and polished photography that is consistent with the brand you want to portray.

-Include a variety of shots. Some close ups, some with humans, and some pulled back where we can see the entire floral design.

I hope this helps you take your floral design portfolio to the next level!

To learn more about creating floral photos and creating your floral portfolio, sign up for our flower portfolio workshop!

3 Tips to Take Successful Flower Photos

-Always use natural light and turn off any overhead lights if you are photographing your design indoors.

-If you are using a phone, it’s best to not do close-ups unless you are in portrait mode. A pulled back shot, even with a person in it, in bright light, works really well for phone photography.

-When starting out, keep the background simple!! Most likely the way the arrangement works in a vignette in your home in real life, won’t translate to camera. You’ll need to create a set or vignette specifically for the camera

To learn more about creating floral photos and creating your floral portfolio, sign up for our flower portfolio workshop!

Virtual Flower Arranging Workshops

An arrangement from today’s virtual flower arranging workshop!

Our summer virtual flower arranging workshops are booking up for the months ahead! We offer two main workshops and custom floral arranging workshops for corporate teams and private groups. 

Book your class and we will send out flower kits to each person. The class takes place live online on Zoom or Google Meet. During the class, I walk each student through the arrangement that we make-along together.

Each student receives a vase, clippers, and just-picked, farmer’s choice flowers.

Each student receives their own kit with all supplies and flowers from our partner farm. We can accommodate international orders (always sourcing within the country or region of the student).  We can also offer the class without kits, instead offering a shopping and supply list for participants to source from their own home, garden, and neighborhood. This is of course, the most sustainable way to hold this class so we are always open to these bookings as well.

We’ve held classes for everyone for all the major tech companies and lots of private parties and groups. 

Click here for details and booking for virtual flower arranging workshops!

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