How to Become a Florist With No Experience

If you are dreaming of becoming a florist but are starting from scratch, today’s video might be helpful for you! I am talking about 6 steps you need to take to get your floral career going! Please let me know if you have any questions!

A few of the resources I mentioned in the video:

My secret sources for purchasing floral ingredients (a free workshop!)

Become a florist: a checklist to walk you through the next 23 steps to get started!

Our floral career courses: Floral Foundations and A Career with Flowers

Free flower arranging resources

A Visit to a Local Flower Farm

I say this in class a lot, but getting to know your suppliers is so important! Today I took a field trip to visit one of my new flower suppliers, Flor Daninha, in Sintra. Mariana runs a very special, regenerative flower farm that has been in her family for a long time.

Chickens run wild and the farm sits under the shadows of castles. Sintra is a very special microclimate so it is a particularly good place to grow as it gets a lot of rain and rarely goes to freezing. The quality of the flowers is superb.

If you want to learn how to find your own local suppliers, come to my free workshop, all about flower sourcing! Book your spot here.


We will be visiting some flower farms on our 2022 retreats in Portugal. Sign up here to get on the waitlist.

How to Refresh Your Flower Arrangement to Last Longer

Follow this process to make your flower arrangements last longer. You can extend the vase life of your flowers weeks and weeks by simply refreshing your arrangements like this! It cuts down on waste and helps you make the most of your flower arrangements. This process is great to teach your clients as  well, so they can fully enjoy your arrangements for the maximum time frame.

-Remove all the flowers

- Pour out the old water into your garden or flower pots

-Wash and dry your vase

-Fill with fresh water

-Separate the ingredients to compost and the ingredients that still look good

-Compost the old ingredients

-Refresh stems by removing leaves and brown bits and cutting them shorter

-Start rebuilding the arrangement with the old greenery

-Add in fresh greens and flowers where necessary

Watch the full tutorial above! 

You can download this free checklist to help you keep your flowers fresh, each time you make an arrangement. Download the checklist here.

Enjoy your flowers!

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