2nd Edition

Lisbon, Sintra, and Mafra


May 2023 3-9th, 2023 

May 31st-June 6th 

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Immerse yourself in the springtime abundance of Portugal in May.

Jacaranda. Wisteria. Wild roses.

Join me for a seven day creative and cultural retreat in Portugal, learning all-natural flower arranging and foraging, walking formal and country Portuguese gardens , and tasting locally-made cheeses, breads, and jams.

Our original retreat is sold out, so we are happy to open a second retreat! Read the itinerary below for details on this second edition.

Our Itinerary

(subject to change)

We will begin our stay at Aldeia da Mata Pequena, a family village, restored to historical accuracy, where we will forage for wildflowers and enjoy meals and wildflower arranging together and stay in private countryside cottages.

The village will be our home base with free time to explore Sintra and Lisbon on both guided and informal itineraries. You will forage for wild flowers for both arranging and eating, pick flowers at local flower farms, dine at an organic farm, have a tour of a secret garden in Lisbon, and relax in the Portuguese countryside, embracing a slower pace for 7 days.

We will stay all nights at Aldeia da Mata Pequena, a small village in Mafra. The majority of our activities will be outdoors. Transfers are provided for day excursions to Sintra and Lisbon.

Day One

 Meet at the  Aldeia da Mata Pequena village for an opening, outdoor lunch.

Introduction to Portuguese language and to the village.

A traditional Portuguese dinner will be served at the main cottage.

Day Two

Breakfast of local bread, cheese, jam, and eggs.

Option to wake up early and cut flowers at a local flower farm.

 A workshop with Chelsea where we will forage for seasonal wildflowers and make arrangements in Portuguese ceramic containers. and flower crowns.

A light lunch after the workshop.

 Table styling workshop

A styled dinner decorated with our foraged flowers.

Day Three


Transfer to Sintra.

Free time to explore the palaces of Sintra. Chelsea will provide a back street guide for those who want to go off the beaten path.

You can explore the village of Sintra on your own, including Castelo dos Mouros, Quinta Regaleria, and Pena Palace.

Dinner on your own.

Transfer back to the village.

Day Four

Breakfast of local bread, cheese, jam, and eggs.

A visit to a local flower farm to learn about flower growing.

Lunch at an organic farm.

Flower arranging lessons in the village.

A vegetarian meal made from local Sintra produce.

Day Five

Breakfast of local bread, cheese, jam, and eggs.

Transfer to Lisbon

Explore Lisbon gardens with a guide.

Dinner on your own.

Day Six

Breakfast of local bread, cheese, jam, and eggs.

A foraging walk with a local expert who will help us forage for wild herbs and flowers.

Lunch with our foraged food.

A field trip to the sea and to a palace considered the "Versaille of Portugal"

Day Seven

Farewell breakfast!

Transport provided to Lisbon.

A note about free time

In my experience, and in my own preferences for travel, I value time and space for discovery, that is why I have scheduled in free time in our itinerary.

Alternatively, if you wish to be more guided, you will be provided with a travel guide upon your arrival.

In addition, there will be time slotted for you to have a one- on-one session with me to talk through anything from launching a creative career, floral design, styling, moving abroad, social media, book writing or more.

More Details

Below, you can view the details of some of the specific locations we will be visiting and staying.


Aldeia da Mata Pequena

Parque Botânico do Monteiro-Mor

Aldeia da Mata Pequena

Aldeia da Mata Pequena

Foraging trail in Sintra

Book Your Spot Here!

We open 8 spots only for our retreat in order to keep it small, personable, and sustainable for local culture.

If you have questions before booking, reach out to Chelsea at hello@frolic-blog.com!

See booking form for terms. We can accommodate dietary restrictions. Upon booking you will receive some information and a quiz about what you are looking for from this retreat and with this we will cusomize the itinerary to meet the needs of the group. A signed travel waiver upon booking will be required. 

We require that all guests are vaccinated for COVID. A PCR test is required before boarding your plane. We recommend you mask indoors in the weeks leading up to your trip  and on the plane and airport and all public transportation including during your stay. We will require a PCR test before you begin your stay at the retreat and we will test everyday. If you test positive for COVID, you will quarantine in your cottage or at your own expense if further quarantine is required. Thank you for taking simple precautions to ensure the safety of our group. If this sounds like too much for you, this will not be the right retreat for you.

More Questions?

Why travel with me?

Hello! I am Chelsea! A floral designer (for 20 years!), a prop stylist (I´ve styled shoots for Williams-Sonoma, Bon Appetit, New Balance, Kinfolk, and more!), photographer, writer, social media maven of all things floral, an author, and an American abroad. After traveling solo for 10 months with a very small backpack, I re-located to Lisbon, Portugal and it is where I´ve made my home for six years. I believe in travel that is culturally and environmentally sustainable. That means: small groups, meeting locals, wandering away from the guidebook, trying new things, and respecting the pace of your location. Everywhere I travel, I look for flower shops, meadows, and wildflowers.

Why am I hosting the Flower and Garden Retreat in Lisbon?

In my six years in Lisbon I´ve met an astounding number of women, usually traveling solo, landing in Lisbon, looking for creativity, inspiration, and a fresh perspective on life. I´ve been involved with numerous retreats by now and hosted dozens of workshops, tours, and events. The connections, ideas, and inspiration I´ve taken from these conversations, classes, and encounters, have been life-changing and empowering. I love creating uplifting events with flowers, food, and groups of inspiring women.

Is this retreat right for you?

If you are looking to travel deeper, travel slower, and connect with a creative group of women this is the right experience for you! If you are looking to learn a new, meditative, way of working with fresh flowers for your own wellness or eventually your own new career, this retreat is right for you! If you love gardens, green spaces, alongside city discoveries, this is the right experience for you. If you are looking to reach out of your comfort zone and infuse your life with a new, European experience and learn a bit about the Portuguese slower way of life, this is the right retreat for you! Introverts welcome!

This retreat is probably not for you, if you are looking to hit every historical spot in your guidebook (you can schedule that in before or after!). It is probably not for you if you don´t have an open mind toward new cultures, people, and being in a group dynamic. This is probably not for you if you are looking to have six days of intense floral design school (instead, check out our floral career retreat!), instead it will be a slow travel retreat with a focus on flowers and gardens.

What is included?

All flowers, tools, supplies, vases (you can take your vases and flowers (can be dried or pressed) home!

Transfers to Sintra, to the garden and most local transportation except during your free time.

All lodging

All meals except two dinners, Option for breakfast on your own two days, but can also be provided on those days.

All workshops, tours, lessons, guided walks and coaching.

A special travel guide with my recommendations for your down time.

What is not included?

Airport transfer.

Transport and meals during free time on your own

Airplane ticket

More questions?

Shoot me an email! hello@frolic-blog.com

8 spots available

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