Spirea: An essential stem for wild spring arrangements

Your edit of floral ingredients is key to wild, natural compositions. Spirea branches offer curvy foliage and small, sweet, white flowers for an unruly touch to compositions. Their hefty branches and well-lasting foliage and flowers make great bases for compositions.

To harvest and condition:

Use the woody stem cut shown here

Harvest or purchase when only half the stem is in bloom and the flowers at the top are still in bud

Place in lukewarm water right away and let sit out of direct sun for a few hours before working with the stems

To compose:

Use in a monotype composition for a full, lush and simply wild arrangement

Use shorter stems as a base for low, natural compositions

Like a vine for length and curve to bring space and wildness to any size arrangement

For height in tall arrangements

As a filler

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Making a Mess with Spring Pastels

When was the last time you allowed yourself to make a creative mess? When was the last time you allowed yourself to break rules? I am naturally a messy person but I really was ashamed of this part of my creative process for most of my life. 

When I was a stylist, I worked with a photographer who really got me thinking more like an artist and made me realize it was ok to be a bit messy and to embrace the mindset of an artist. Another artist who inspired me was the author of Foraged Flora, Louise Roebuck who made me realize it was ok to  promote the flowers I loved: which are flowers in all stages of life.. not just the perfectly fresh flowers that we were taught were the best to sell. Something I always embraced personally, but this book gave me the confidence to share it more. 

I notice with new floral designers, they are often afraid of damaging the stems, afraid of making a mess or surprised about how messy and tactile the process of flower arranging is.

Set yourself free! Break the rules Go with your instinct and report back and let me know how it goes!

Spring Studies

What floral beauties have you found at your local markets or in your landscape? Here are a few of mine from a sweet project I worked on this week.

lemon blossom

peach blossom



wild geranium

yellow lupine

madeira vine






These are a mix of locally grown and foraged beauties. There were a couple imported stems thrown in here as well. None of us is perfect when it comes to sustainability! I always prioritize locally grown and foraged but sometimes a project demands particular stems, and in that case I try to minimize the amount I buy and mix with the other more sustainable options. Happy March!🌸

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