Become a Florist: Introducing One to One Mentorships

Working your way through your floral education to become a florist or floral designer can be overwhelming. For the student who wants a guide for each step of the process, you can now sign up for a one to one mentorship with Chelsea.

Chelsea will be with you every step of the way to build your dream flower business! 

-Chelsea will be your guide, mentor, and consultant to help you build each step of your dream floral design practice.

-Build your floral design portfolio with professional photography geared towards the clients you want to attract

-Create one-of-a-kind sustainable floral designs in your signature style

-Build an online and local presence

-Price your products for long-term sustainability 

-Find your dream clients

-Build out your systems for a beautiful, fulfilling, and sustainable floral design practice

-Create branding that sells your floral designs

-Identify your most profitable and enjoyable products

-Troubleshoot mechanics, photography, pricing, and more with Chelsea as your guide.

Floral Design Mentorship

Sessions 3 x per month

Availability for troubleshooting throughout the month

We work step by step to build your business starting with where you are, whether you are building your business from scratch or rebranding. 

Chelsea will be your mentor to help you grow your dream floral design business!

3 students a year are accepted to this mentorship program by application. The program requires a minimum 6 month commitment and is only available through an application process. Mentees should be committed to completing homework assignments and creating their floral business. 


P.S. Are you looking to trouble shoot just one issue or problem? Sign up for a flower session  right here.

Summer Flora

Current flowers inspiring me from foraging adventures and my small little garden. Honeysuckle, comfrey, camphor basil, fig, geranium, cat grass. Taking a few moments to play with color and seasonal blossoms can re-inspire you for the season!

It took three tries to get this photo the way I wanted it to be! This is the part of styling and composing that is often ignored or shamed. Embrace play. Embrace starting over!

This is the number one step you need to take to start getting in your flow with styling flowers and photographing them. Embrace that it’s going to be a process, like every creative endeavor.

After working as a stylist for over 15 years (for clients like Kinfolk, Williams Sonoma, and more!) I’ve learned quite a few tricks to getting just the right photos that feel visually effective. I’d love to share my top tips with you and guide you into creating a collection of summer flower photos.

Learn about how to photograph flowers for your floral portfolio in our class that starts on Saturday! You’ll have creative space to play and compose and capture it all on camera! Book your spot in the FLORAL PORTFOLIO BUILDER right here !

Which floral design class is right for you?


If you know you want to take a floral design class, but are not sure which one is right for you, take a look at this break down. In our online classroom, you have the chance to create your own arrangements from local flowers, take a photo, and upload it to our virtual classroom for feedback. All classes have personalized feedback from Chelsea. Whether you want to create flower arrangements for your home, or for clients, our classes will teach you the methods you need, and provide framework for you to set aside the time to learn.

floral design class dahlias


Flower Arranging 101: This is the perfect floral design class if you are just starting out in flower arranging. After this class, you will be able to properly condition flowers, assemble and compose at least 4 different types of flower arrangements using different methods. This class is perfect for the home floral designer or those who might be curious about a career in floral design and want to try a class first.

Wedding Flowers: If you need to create your own weddings flowers, flowers for a friend, or wedding and event flowers for clients, this floral design class is perfect. It helps you with the shopping, production breakdown, timelines, and floral designs (we learn  large scale arrangements, cake flowers, natural corsages and boutonnieres, centerpieces, and a bridal bouquet.

Wreath Masterclass: This shorter class is a great way to try out learning floral design if you have an interest in wreathmaking. We study 3 styles of wreaths. It works throughout the seasons but is focused on holiday wreaths.

Edible Flowers for Summer: Learn which flowers are edible and how to safely use them!


The Floral Portfolio Builder Build a professional floral design portfolio during this career intensive. It’s a mix of live and recorded classes. Starting July 22nd, 2024.

Floral Foundations: This is the perfect starting point if you want to start a career in floral design. A bundle of our best-selling basics courses, with extra content to help you identify flowers, learn what business model works for you, and start laying the foundation for your floral business. With this course, you will become confident in garden-style floral design, identification, and should come out of the course being able to get a job at a florist or begin the process of starting your own business. 

A Career with Flowers: If you already have experience in flowers or have taken Floral Foundations, this class will help you take your work and business to the next level. You will learn eco-friendly, compostable floral design, floral photography and styling, how to make a portfolio, how to market your floral business, how to create social media around your flowers, and much more! 

Become a Florist: One to One Mentoring with Chelsea

Let Chelsea be your guide every step of the way to build your dream floral design business. Personal consulting and coaching session with Chelsea are the feature of this package. Get one on one guidance as you build out your floral design practice. 


Flower Sessions: Do you need help with just one aspect of your floral education or your floral business? There are limited spots available where you can work one-on-one with Chelsea to create a portfolio, create a flower proposal, improve or create social media accounts for your floral business, or learn floral pricing. 

Private Groups and Team Building: Offer a flower arranging session for your workspace, clients, or any type of private group! These Zoom workshops are interactive and flower kits can be provided.


Flower and Garden Retreat Join me for a seven day creative and cultural retreat in Portugal, learning all-natural flower arranging and foraging, walking formal and country Portuguese gardens, touring flower farms, and tasting locally-made cheeses, breads, and jams.

Floral Career Retreat  Get in-person guidance on naturalistic bouquets, vase arrangements, foraging, styling, large-scale arrangements  installations, and floral photography.

Create floral designs and a business inspired by and rooted in the natural world.

Any questions? Send Chelsea a message right here.

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