How to Become a Florist |The Four Phases


Phase One: 

Phase Two: 

Phase Three: 

Phase Four: 

I talk with so many students who are dreaming of or are in the midst of becoming florists. And, to those too who have flower farms but want to learn more design and florists who want to evolve their businesses or upgrade their skills or sustainability. I notice people are usually in one of these four phases. I’ll do another one soon for flower farmers or those who already have their own businesses. I hope you find this video helpful in pinpointing your next steps!

If you need more assistance or need to find out which class is right for you, reach out to me through my contact page

A Fragrant Summer Floral Arrangement: Sweet Peas and Mint

I was determined to grow sweet peas this year despite the challenges of growing them on a hot and sometimes stormy balcony in Portugal. I had a bit of a seed splurge this winter and the thought of these sweet peas helped to get me through the dark winter. I ordered heirloom varieties from Seedaholic . These are some of the varieties I’ve been growing:




Though I won’t have the yield or large blossoms of a flower farmer, these little fragrant jewels in the garden are precious to me nonetheless. Such a treat! It’s important to keep cutting the sweet peas and who can resist bringing these fragrant vines inside anyways! I like to keep them on the vine and include as much green as possible, as these sweet pea vines create such interesting shapes for flower arrangements. You only need a few stems in a small vase to make an impact. I used the recipe below and you can watch the video to see how I put it all together in this gorgeous vase from Tasco Tableware, which is sadly. now discontinued. If you are in Portugal, you may be able to still find some of their pieces at Depozito.

5 stems of sweet peas (3 long vines)

8 stems of fresh mint

8 stems of parsley flowers

2 begonia leaves

1 stem of Queen Anne’s Lace

Flowers At Estrela: A Flower Workshop in Lisbon

I am so excited to announce a new collaboration wtih VERONIKA BLYZNIUCHENKO! As part of her summer programming at her art exhibit in the cloister garden of Basilica da Estrela, I’ll be holding a summer flower workshop. Make a loose, garden inspired, floral centric fresh flower arrangement in Portuguese ceramics. This is a great chance for anyone traveling to Lisbon to participate in a workshop in a historic space that rarely opens. Book your spot here! I never do one-off, in-person workshops so if a retreat is not your thing, this is a great chance to work with me in person.

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