Spring Low Bowl Composition

Compose a bit of spring drama in an heirloom bowl with jasmine, ranunculus, anemone, and pear blossom. This was my great-grandmother’s English china bowl. Whenever I stay at my family’s small sheep farm, I love to arrange in this bowl. This video demonstrates one of my favorite stem holding methods: chicken wire. Enjoy!

Early Spring Flower School

Our first schedule of the year is now love! Join us for Early Spring Flower School!

As part of our Early Spring Flower School, I’ll be walking you through the very first steps to start your career in Floristry. Gain confidence with your own designs, your own style, and lay the first parts of your foundation for your floral design career.

-Learn how to own your creativity and not be afraid to share your work.

-Gain confidence in floral design so you aren’t afraid to call yourself a floral designer!

-Master the basics of working with fresh flowers.

-Procure and solidify your flower sourcing.

-Learn my blueprint for a successful flower arrangement. 

-Find your own style and niche.

-Get personalized feedback and group coaching from me!

-Current career students attend the conference for free!

-Download our done for you cheatsheets to start bulding your systems around sourcing, flower recipes, and pricing.

-Lessons are a mix of live and recorded lessons.


SAVE $57 WHEN YOU BOOK BY TOMORROW​, February 8th, 2022

Early Spring Flower School

March 18th, 11 Am PST

How to Arrange with Bulbs

Learn how to condition, prep, and design with bulbs like daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, and paper whites. You can attend class for the demo, or join with your own locally sourced bulb flowers for the arrangement portion. 

Recipe and supply lists will go out closer to class but the recipes are fluid and you should use what is seasonally available in your area.



April 22-24th, 11 AM PST each day for 3 hours.

3 Day Intro to Floristry

Kickstart your flower studies with this intro 3 day online workshop and conference. You’ll learn the next steps you need to take to get your floristry career started. Learn how to own your creativity, gain confidence in standard floral practices, how to work sustainably, and how you can procure work as a florist. This class is ideal for those who need to jumpstart their studies, or want to discover if floristry is the right career path. No previous experience necessary. Great for newbies and also for those already in flower school who need a reboot.

Own Your Creativity

Gain Confidence as a Designer

Procure your Floral Sourcing

How to Find your Niche as a Designer

How to Create Floral Recipes

You can attend for the demos and classes or you can join us with your own local flowers to make the two arrangements we will be featuring. Recipe and supply lists will go out closer to class but the recipes are fluid and you should use what is seasonally available in your area.

You’ll leave class with a plan for your next stap and two flower arrangements.



PRE-SALE SAVINGS! (Save $57 when you book by February 8th)

All classes are a mix of live and recorded offerings. 

Book both the bulb and career class for a special pre-sale price of $97 before February 8th. 

All workshops are free of charge to our career students.


See you in class!

Happy 2022!


Winter Flower Arranging Ideas


I am back from my January sabbatical and an unexpected internet outage!

Today I am sharing winter flower arranging ideas for your home. 

Take the chance to engage with nature, even in these cooler months. Bring nature inside and watch what emerges!

-Paperwhites and forced bulbs. Plant bulbs in pots throughout the winter and place them in a Southwest facing window. Water sparingly after their initial planting. Watch the leaves and flowers emerge over a few weeks.

-Forced branches. Take a walk into a garden or trail and clip brances like lilac, crabapple, forsythia, or quince. Bring the branches inside, mist with water, cut like this, and then place in water. After a few weeks leaves and flowers will begin emerging, Be sure to mist every 3 days and to change the water frequently.

-Dried flowers. Check Cut and Dry to learn everything you need about dried flowers! Use your Christmas wreath base tocreate a dried flower wreath like this.

-Potpourri. Savor summer’s roses and peonies with this potpourri how-to in Field, Flower, Vase on pg. 176.

Watch the video over on You Tube for more ideas!

Happy 2022!

Chelsea Fuss

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