Becoming a Sustainable Florist

In this week´s video, I talk about becoming a sustainable florist. I am not perfect however I am trying to make incremental changes to create a more sustainable floral business. In this video, I share the 5 practices you can implement to create a sustainable floristry practice.

To sign up for the foam-free, compostable workshop, pop your registration in here! It will be happening this coming Sunday, October 3rd!


The last offerings of summer are being savored here! Flower playtime is super important! I love combining commercially cut flowers from local farms with foraged, more wispy, bendy stems for the perfect combo of playfulness and naturalistic design with a cohesive structure. 

Flower Arrangement Ideas: Arranging with Filler Flowers

FLOWER ARRANGEMENT IDEAS: Arranging with Filler Flowers 

Create a soft, easy, and effortless flower arrangement by designing with filler flowers, dried flowers, and vines. This is my go-to flower recipe that always creates a wildflower vibe. 




sweet pea vine 

wild aster 

dried crown daisy 

cinnamon basil 


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