Arranging with Plant Cuttings Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended our Arranging with Plant Cuttings workshop last Saturday! We arranged with plant cuttings, talked about how to plant them after the flower arrangement has faded, and compared notes on our climates and different cuttings that work for us. Students received a list of the most successful plant cuttings to work with as well as instructions on planting and designing with the cuttings. 

I am inspired to continue working with plant cuttings in flower arrangements! 

September Flower School wraps up this week! We will be holding our 3 day, Kickstart your Floristry Career conference! Book your spot in class here if you haven’t already! 

See you in class!

Arranging with Plant Cuttings Workshop Online This Saturday

This Saturday, September Flower School continues. I am excited to share how I use plant cuttings in floral designs live, online on Zoom at 11 AM PST.

If you haven’t signed up for the Arranging with Plant Cuttings workshop yet, you can book here. A replay of the class will be available to those who sign up but cannot make the time. 

I’ll do a demo for arranging cuttings and also planting them. If you are booked in for this class and you would like to make along, see the supply list below. The link for class will go out on Friday.

If you would like to make along, please bring the following:

-flower clippers

-2-3 small vases or drinking glasses in different heights

-a selection of cut flowers or plant cuttings with or without roots. I recommend: cinnamon basil, marigold, tomato, or pothos. But if you have a plant cutting you like to root, please bring it along. 

-For your stem and cutting selection 5-20 stems will work. It depends on your vase. If your vases are smaller at the tope (i.e. bud vases), you will need fewer stems.

See you on Saturday! You can still join right here if you haven’t booked your spot yet.

See you in class!


P.S. If you prefer in-person learning, consider joining us next May 2023 for our Flower and Garden Retreat in Portugal! We only have a few spots left! Check out the details here.

Sustainable Flower Growing Workshop Recap

We had a great workshop on Saturday! Thank you to everyone who attended! Ferriss Donham brought it back to basics for us with ideas about how to integrate your flower growing seamlessly into your business with fewer resources, less labor, and an approach that takes its cues from nature. There is not one way to grow flowers and I love Ferriss’s approach that is right in line with the ethos at the flower school, to approach art and business with ease, in a way that benefits yourself and the earth. Thank you, Ferriss! 

This coming Saturday, we continue September Flower School with our Arranging with Plant Cuttings Workshops! Book your spot here if you have not already!

See you in class!


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