Bring the Joy of Flowers into your Home this Winter




Join this series of mini flower workshops on Zoom for some January flower therapy! Whether you have no flower experience, or are just looking to add more flower arranging practice to your week, these classes are a great way to brighten up your January. All the projects are low-cost and will use accessible ingredients that you can find locally.  

4 Mini Flower Arranging Workshops

Join these live floral design workshops to combat the winter blues and bring floral fragrance to your home this winter. You can make the project along with the class or watch and create the project after. Every project is meant to be low-cost and uses easily accessible ingredients!


All classes are around one hour long.


How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers

Let's arrange grocery store flowers together as you learn how to make the most from supermarket floral bundles.

January 2nd, 11 am PST

Flower Crown

Get in touch with your childhood instincts as we weave together an all-natural flower crown. Wear it for an indoor picnic, this winter.

January 9th, 11 am PST

How to Create a Foraged Arrangement

Learn how to make the most of the flowers, greens, and dried grasses  outside your door for some winter floral comfort.

January 16th, 11 am PST

Dried Flower Wreath

Get an introduction to the art of dried flowers as we create a dried flower circlet from summer's preserved blossoms.

January 23rd, 11am PST

Supply List

You can join to just watch the demo or you can make the project along with the class. These projects are meant  to be low-cost. I have made projects in the depths of winter with 3 feet of snow on the ground (foraging evergreen and dried seedpods!). I promise there are ingredients to be found everywhere! For help on sourcing, please download our How to Source Flowers Guide. Below you will find a supply list for each class. Please note: the recipes are highly flexible! Find ingredients you like that inspire you and are in your budget. Foraging is encouraged.

How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers: Supply List

-2-3 bundles of supermarket flowers. Try to choose flowers that are small scale and are in the same color family. Focus on just one color if possible.

-If you also have access to cut herbs or want to buy some from the produce section you can.

-Extra, if you have access to greenery from your garden, or also from the supermarket, that is a bonus item!

-Flower clippers (scissors can work but are not preferable)

-A cup or mug around 4 inches high and 3-4 inches wide.

Flower Crown

-3 pieces of a vine like ivy or virginia creeper

- 2 pieces of another vine like jasmine or just use more ivy.

-small flowers or greens with bendable stems. good options include: baby´s breath, spray roses, heather, small-leafed eucalyptus.

-flower clippers or scissors

-ribbon (optional)

How to Create a Foraged Arrangement

-15-30 stems of foraged greens, seed heads, dried grasses, or flowers.

-a cup or a mug

-flower clippers or scissors

Dried Wreath

-5-10 stems of ivy (you can also re-use the base from our flower crown workshop)

-around 35-45 stems of dried seedsheads, dried flowers, dried ferns, dried grasses. Heather works really well, Please note that the dried pieces should still have stems.

-twine or raffia

-scissors and flower clippers

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