Winter Flower Arranging Ideas


I am back from my January sabbatical and an unexpected internet outage!

Today I am sharing winter flower arranging ideas for your home. 

Take the chance to engage with nature, even in these cooler months. Bring nature inside and watch what emerges!

-Paperwhites and forced bulbs. Plant bulbs in pots throughout the winter and place them in a Southwest facing window. Water sparingly after their initial planting. Watch the leaves and flowers emerge over a few weeks.

-Forced branches. Take a walk into a garden or trail and clip brances like lilac, crabapple, forsythia, or quince. Bring the branches inside, mist with water, cut like this, and then place in water. After a few weeks leaves and flowers will begin emerging, Be sure to mist every 3 days and to change the water frequently.

-Dried flowers. Check Cut and Dry to learn everything you need about dried flowers! Use your Christmas wreath base tocreate a dried flower wreath like this.

-Potpourri. Savor summer’s roses and peonies with this potpourri how-to in Field, Flower, Vase on pg. 176.

Watch the video over on You Tube for more ideas!

Happy 2022!

Chelsea Fuss

Have you made your wreath yet?

Have you made your holiday wreath yet?

Wreath workshop season is here! I’ve been teaching classes every day this week for team-building workshops and for private groups (if you want to bring me to your office or party, I still have a couple of dates left here). 

If you own my book Field, Flower, Vase, you can find several compostable wreath methods in the book. Here are the projects in the book that can be adapted to the holiday season:

Green Garden Wreath (learn to make a wreath base) Page 221

Tisane Wreath (teaches you the weaving method for the decorative portion) page 153

Hanging Wreath  Page 137

If you need more assistance, book into our streaming wreath class or our Fall/Holiday Flower School (you will receive replays of the live classes).

Happy wreath season!

An Autumn Afternoon on a Flower Farm in Portugal

I spent an afternoon arranging autumn flowers on a flower farm in Sintra. You can learn more about Mariana’s organic flower farm here. The baskets belonged to her grandmother. It is a family estate where she is now growing flowers for floristry, organically. The setting is rustic and beautiful. I loved combing through the gardens for hydrangea, pokeweed, and pomegranate. 

I hope you enjoy a snippet of this beautiful afternoon! If you would like to join me in Portugal next May for moments like this, check out our 2023 Retreats!

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