Becoming a Florist: How to Get Work Experience

If you’ve already taken some floral design classes and are ready to gain work experience in a shop or studio, sometimes it can be tough to get your foot in the door. Maybe you’ve even done flowers for a few events but you can’t seem to land a job or freelance gig.

In this video, I explain a few things you might want to do to ensure that you are presenting your work in the best manner for employment or freelancing.

-Create a portfolio of your best floral design work with well-lit photography

-Reach out to florists that have a style you admire

-Reach out in a professional and direct way through email (email template provided in the download below)


-Keep honing your floral design skills and finding your voice

I cover more tips and ideas in the video and through this free download, which provides you with a checklist to make sure you are doing all the right things in your approach to landing a floral design job. The download includes a fillable template for you to use in your reach-out emails to florists. 

Remember, we post jobs over on the flower school account on Instagram. Click on the “Job Listings” story highlight.

Good luck!

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