There’s no business as usual for me as long as the US keeps sponsoring this genocide and dehumanizing Palestinians. I believe in a free palestine and the end to the occupation so that all people can live peacefully but right now I am fighting for the bare minimum which is a ceasefire. Even if we disagree on how we move forward, I think every human with a heart can see that the US-sponsored killing in Gaza is not effective for bringing hostages home nor is it proportional or strategic. I believe, as many experts have written, that we are witnessing a genocide. I am not interested in waiting around until enough people are killed for it to be the exact definition. 

 We can disagree on a path forward, on the framing of history, but violence is not the answer. This violence is INCREASING Antisemitism and Islamophobia. It’s only making our countries more volatile and unsafe. Liberation for one is liberation for all.

I don’t like using words about violence on my blog or. newsletters. I am fighting for a ceasefire and I invite you to do the same. 

Call, leave voicemails, write emails, fax, march, protest, do any little thing in your power. https://ceasefiretoday.com/ has all the resources you need both for Americans or for those overseas.🌿

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