Take your floral designs and business to the next level with our career courses! Learn how to become a florist and gain all the skills you need to run your own floral business.

Floral Foundations

(part one)


How do you shift to a career in flowers?

Through virtual flower workshops, flower films and candid sessions, Chelsea can help guide you into a new career in floral design. Pulling from her twenty years of floral design experience which covers the spectrum of being a flower shop owner, a floral and prop stylist, a freelance designer, a social media professional with a focus on flower arranging, and an author, Chelsea can help guide you into your new flower career!

-Be proficient in the basics of floral design (techniques, composition, tools, production)

-Discover your floral style

-Be confident in creating event flowers from inspiration to production and execution

-Discover what type of floral career you want (flower shop owner, freelancer, stylist)

Floral Foundations includes:

Flower Arranging 101

Wedding Flowers

Wreath Masterclass

Edible Flowers for Summer

The Basics of Flower ID

How to Source Flowers

How to Work in the Floral Industry

Course includes instructional videos, downloadable guides,  a private Instagram group, and a once-a-month live class!

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A Career with Flowers

(part two)


How do you create consistently beautiful flower arrangements for your clients as well as a

a successful brand and business?

Through a series of focused workshops on advanced flower arranging, branding, business, and marketing, Chelsea walks you through the next steps to creating the business of your dreams. Pulling from her 20 years experience as a flower shop owner, event florist, floral and prop stylist, entrepreneur, and influencer, Chelsea shares all the behind-the-scenes knowledge she's learned to help you smoothly transition into your new career and create the business of your dreams, successfully!

-Deliver exquisite results for clients

-Create floral installations and archways

-Learn how to work foam-free!

-Create an outstanding portfolio through photography, editing, and branding

-Learn the secrets of styling from a seasoned commercial stylist

-Create beautifully branded social media with engagement

-Learn the secrets to pricing your arrangements for profitability

-Learn how to photograph flowers for your portfolio and social media

-Be confident in working with clients (communication, contracts, proposals)

Let Chelsea guide you into a successful flower career

A Floral Career Workshops:



Working Foam-Free

Floral Styling


Wedding Styling

How to Work with Foraged Flowers

Seasonal Wreaths


Downloadable magazine-style 

Reading List

Business Workshops:

How to build a portfolio

How to photograph flowers

How to Create Social Media


How to Start Your Business

How to Work for Yourself

How to Build a Website

How to Find Clients

One group, live seasonal flower workshop per month and a private Instagram group

(these are in conjunction with our Floral Foundations students)

Advance your floral and business skills today!

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