Cook with Edible Flowers!

Edible Flowers: Summer 

Bring the joy and beauty of fresh flowers to your kitchen! Learn how to source, grow, and forage for edible flowers and how to safely and flavorfully add edible flowers into dishes.

-Learn how to safely source edible flowers and which flowers are ok to cook with

-Understand the ID and flavor profiles for 25 flowers

-Learn about savory and sweet flowers and how to incorporate them into recipes.

Flowers and Pasta!

-Learn how to add edible flowers into your homemade pasta from everyone's favorite Sicilian pasta maker!

Edible Flowers for Summer: Course Content

The course includes three video lessons and three guides for identifying, sourcing, and cooking with edible flowers, both savory and sweet.

In addition to three video lessons, the course includes:

An ID guide and flavor profiles for 25 edible flowers

A guide to sourcing, foraging, and planting edible flowers

10 recipes

Lesson 1: How to Source Edible Flowers

-Learn the history of edible flowers (hint: cooking with flowers is not new!)

-Learn about the best way to purchase edible flowers

-Learn common sense practices and safety tips for foraging

-Learn how to grow your own edible flowers

Lesson 2: How to Use Sweet Flowers

-Learn which flowers are best for sweet dishes

-Learn how to extract and infuse floral flavors for use in cooking and baking

-Learn safety tips when working with edible flowers

-Includes guide for sweet flowers, how to ID, and flavor profiles

Lesson 3: Learn How to Use Savory Flowers

-Learn which flowers are best for savory dishes

-Learn how to incorporate edible flowers into savory dishes

-Learn safety tips when working with edible flowers

-Includes guide for savory flowers, how to ID, and flavor profiles

About Chelsea

With over twenty years experience as a florist and floral stylist, I pair my skills as a stylist and my training in classical floral design to create floral designs that feel effortless, fresh, and straight from the garden! I have been cooking with flowers and studying edible flowers since I was a teenager. My first flower arranging book (which includes edible flower recipes!) will publish Spring 2021 with Abrams. In my online flower workshops at Frolic! Flower School, I teach you all my secrets for composing fresh floral arrangements for clients or just for yourself. Learn more about my story here.

Pasta and Flowers!

Alessandra Lauria, The Pasta Queen will teach you how to incorporate edible flowers into your homemade pasta! This mini workshop, an add-on, to the Edible Flowers: Summer class, will give you the skills to make beautiful floral pasta! You will learn 3 different ways to use edible flowers into pasta, an easy and basic pasta dough recipe and 4 different shapes.

How to Make Pasta with Edible Flowers

-Different ways to incorporate flowers into your pasta dough

-Learn an easy and basic pasta dough recipe

-4 quick and easy pasta shapes with flowers

-Tips and tricks from a pro on getting the most beautifully styled floral pasta!

About Alessandra

Alessandra is a Sicilian pasta maker & cook with an International outlook. In fact, she has lived, studied, and worked outside of Sicily for the last 15 years. First in Milan, then London and currently she lives in Lisbon, Portugal, where she is running her business. Her cooking follows a “farm to table” concept as she loves feeding people following seasons, local produce making sure that her dishes are delicious as well as nurturing for body & soul. Alessandra creates magical food experiences live and online as well as pasta making workshops & courses! You can find more here.


What supplies do I need for the course?

If you want to complete the homework, you will need access to edible flowers. You will learn how to source them in the class.

How does the online classroom work?

Once you sign up, you will receive a login to the online classroom! The classroom has videos, pdf's and posts with all the curriculum. 

There is also a comment and photo section where you can upload your homework, comments, and questions, where the instructors will answer your questions and provide feedback.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have ongoing access once you sign up!

Do I need to be located in the USA?

No. We have had students from all over the world!


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In the course, we teach you how to ID and use edible flowers that are proven to be safe to eat. We cannot claim responsibility for your own practices with edible flowers. You are eating edible flowers at your own risk. We are not responsible for illness occurring from ingesting edible flowers.

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