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Are you interested in becoming a floral designer? Check out my membership community and consulting program.


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Join the Frolic! membership community to gain access to behind the scene's insight like social media tips, how to become a floral designer, and other tips for career-minded flower-lovers! I also share garden tips and a behind-the-scenes to my business. The membership community includes discount codes and early access to courses.

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Are you interested in becoming a floral designer, but don't know where to start? Do you need help troubleshooting a client issue or creating a flower proposal?  I've coached flower lovers around the world about everything from business strategies to specifics of building a flower installation. With 20 years in the business as a flower shop owner, floral designer, oft-published stylist, and influencer, I am ready to help you tackle any flower dilemma!

-How to transition into a new career as a floral designer.

-Troubleshooting a floral design.

-Advising on small business strategies/marketing/and social media.

-Conducting a portfolio or website review.

-Brainstorming untapped ideas.

-Working through a client dilemma.

-Advice on flower pricing.

-How to achieve effortless flower arrangements for an event/office/space.

Book a flower consulting session today and make the first step towards a new flower website, a professional client proposal, or a new career in flowers!

Write me a note below with your flower dilemma, and I'll get back to you straight away with the next step!

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