Growing Flowers Sustainably: 3 Things to Know

The local flower farming movement has grown in recent years. Buying local cut flowers reduces the carbon footprint of your flowers tremendously. Cutting out miles, and many toxic chemicals used to transfer flowers across borders. That said, we can take sustainable flower growing a step further, during these times of climate change.

I’ve been really interested in Ferriss Donham’s flower farm in Maine, as she challenges herself to grow cut flowers with just compost and rainwater. The result does not reduce the beauty, quality, or charm of the flowers. Example here.

“Grow what works, let nature do all the work, keep looking to the earth for answers,” Ferriss says. I asked her, what are 3 basic things to remember when attempting to grow flowers as sustainably as possible. Ferriss says:

The most sustainable flowers are:


Drought Tolerant

Native or happy in your zone without greenhouses 

I think this is a great starting point for any of us to get started growing cut flower sustainably! Thank you Ferriss! If you want to learn more from Ferriss and have the opportunity to ask her questions about growing eco-friendly cut flowers, please join us on September 10th at 11 am PST for the Growing Flowers Sustainably Workshop! Book your spot here.

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