Growing Cut Flowers Sustainably

The best way you can source sustainable flowers might be to grow your own. 

The flower farmer movement has taken off in recent years, inspiring many to grow and support locally grown flowers vs. flying in flowers from half way across the world. This is a great trend and it is making a difference.

Local flower growing still uses a lot of resources that we don’t necessarily have. That’s why I was intrigued when Ferriss Donham told me about the flowers she’s been growing in Maine with rainwater and compost.

I’ll be hosting Ferriss at the flower school on September 10th for an interview, demo, and workshop. You’ll walk away with the following info!

-How to grow flowers with minimal resources

-How to grow flowers with rainwater and compost

-How to select the best flowers for your climate

-Why and how floral designs need to change to support sustainable flower growing

A packet with all of Ferriss’s best tips will be sent out to students!

If you are currently a career student, you will automaticallty be enrolled!

Book your spot here!

See you in class,


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