Winter Flower Arranging Ideas


I am back from my January sabbatical and an unexpected internet outage!

Today I am sharing winter flower arranging ideas for your home. 

Take the chance to engage with nature, even in these cooler months. Bring nature inside and watch what emerges!

-Paperwhites and forced bulbs. Plant bulbs in pots throughout the winter and place them in a Southwest facing window. Water sparingly after their initial planting. Watch the leaves and flowers emerge over a few weeks.

-Forced branches. Take a walk into a garden or trail and clip brances like lilac, crabapple, forsythia, or quince. Bring the branches inside, mist with water, cut like this, and then place in water. After a few weeks leaves and flowers will begin emerging, Be sure to mist every 3 days and to change the water frequently.

-Dried flowers. Check Cut and Dry to learn everything you need about dried flowers! Use your Christmas wreath base tocreate a dried flower wreath like this.

-Potpourri. Savor summer’s roses and peonies with this potpourri how-to in Field, Flower, Vase on pg. 176.

Watch the video over on You Tube for more ideas!

Happy 2022!

Chelsea Fuss

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