Weekend Flower Vlog

Sometimes I need to remind myself to take my own advice. Playing with flowers is important, even as a professional. To keep the passion alive, to come up with new ideas, and tune into flowers for joy, not just as a product. This weekend, I allowed myself some time and space to play as I was testing some of our new tech for our livestreams and new offerings. 

My relationship with tech is complicated. I love creating photography, films, and online classes, but I would prefer the tech details get left to someone else. I want my hands on the flower stems, not on the keyboard! I do love that tech allows me to share the passion and joy of flowers with anyone in the world! And similar to flowers, I embrace imperfection and impulse over the premeditated or perfectly executed pieces.

Here I am embracing all my Portuguese flora even though I sometimes miss my gorgeous PNW ingredients this time of year that can only be grown with the copious amounts of rain! Embrace where you are. Share the ingredients close to you. Most everything I use is found on a short walk from my home.  On foot. Foraged. Slow. Here’s to some flower play this week! Share your pics with me on email!



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