Summer Balcony Garden Arrangement

I am in full on flower meditation mode right now. Join me as I create a blowsy summer arrangement with a few blossoms from my balcony garden. When I started out as a floral designer with a proper shop, I was really concerned about having all the right ingredients and loads of blossoms to fill arrangements. Now, I see things a bit differently, particularly when I am arranging at home and particularly in the midst of a pandemic where, because I have chosen to be extra safe, I cannot get to my normal sources. How can I use what I have available to me?

What is the lowest hanging fruit? How can I do more with what I already have? I use this line of questioning for my business, my life, and my flower arrangements! It is not how I always approached things but I am proud and happy to lean on resourcefulness as one of my main values in business and in life. It’s more kind for the earth and it makes us feel abundant to focus on what we have, instead of how it could be better.  If I never slowed down and started asking questions like that, I may have never realized the beauty of a radish blossom, the joy of working on my own, or the thrill of working remotely with students around the world.


coriander flowers

radish blossom


sweet peas



Sourced: balcony garden and farm box delivery (tip: order extra herbs to add to arrangements!). I use this gorgeous farm.

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