Spring Wildflower Wreath

On Monday, we had our last live flower class for March. We made spring wildflower wreaths! This is the demo. Making a wreath with wildflowers, grasses, and seasonal blossoms is a wonderful way to welcome a new season. In this particular class, I went over braiding and weaving methods to make a fresh wreath. Using no wire or twine, I wove this wreath together with fresh materials.

Decorate a wedding, event, or just your front door with a wreath like this. The circlet will dry and then you can continue to add materials in to the wreath. We also went over how to keep it fresh for an event or special day. If you celebrate Easter, this can be a lovely way to liven up the day! Tie it to the back of a chair, on a door, decorate a patio, or balcony. Just keep it in the shade and mist it. 

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