Peony Floral Arrangement

Peonies are a favorite for most people in late spring! The showy blossoms emit the sweetest, rarest fragrance, and the fleeting time period they are available makes peonies all the more desireable. Stunning on their own or mixed in with textured, seasonal stems, peonies offer a happy, pastel note to any room.

I made this arrangement with:


reflexed roses 

mustard flowers 

climbing roses 

peony greens 

rose greens 



scented geranium

Privet is such an underrated filler! I loved mixing it in here. The Cecile Brunner climbing roses were cast-offs from a local landscaper. They have a very unruly, unkept look about them which contrasts so beautifully with the perfectly formed peonies. The climbers add a wild note to the arrangement to keep it from being overly sweet. 

Be sure to conditon peonies properly and refresh water for the ultimate long-lasting peony arrangement.

Try these tips for peony arrangements:

  • Try using peony greens for the base of your arrangement or for accent.
  • If one or two peonies in the bunch is too old and falling apart, remove all the petals and use just the center of the flower for texture and interest in your arrangement.
  • Keep peonies away from bright sun if you want them to have a longer vase life. They are very sensitive to warmth and light.

Take a look at the full peony arrangement video here:

You can view another peony mixed arrangement here.

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Have a beautiful week!

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