Make a Posy with Me!

The cornflowers blossomed this week so I was inspired to make a small posy. Flower posies are one of my favorite types of flower bouquets to make. Here I am using flowers I picked from my balcony garden as well as a few bunches of herbs from a local and organic farm. I encourage flower students, both those looking to become florists, and those simply looking to add flowers to their weekly wellness practice, to make a flower arrangement weekly. Join me? 

When you start working with fresh flowers weekly, you improve your home and mental health. If you aspire to be a florist, working with flowers weekly will help you hone your skill and eventually build your portfolio of work.


basil (including cinnamon basil) 

flowering cilantro 



sweet pea 

radish flower 


scented geranium 


Learn more about creating a balcony cutting garden and making posies in FIELD, FLOWER, VASE: Arranging and Crafting with Seasonal and Wild Blooms.

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