How to Make a Large Flower Arrangement for a Wedding

Let’s learn how to make a large flower arrangement for a wedding or event! Sometimes people try to get a bit too intricate with tall arrangements. In this video, I show how to make the dahlias and other flowers look effortless and natural in a tall arrangement with big impact.

You want to pay attention to scale. Use flowers that are naturally tall. Don´t try to put short stemmed flowers in here.  Place any flowers with smaller blooms at a taller height and keep larger blossoms at the base. In this particular example, I am focusing on mostly a pale pink color, using flowers in three different sizes: large dahlias, medium-sized aster blooms, and smaller strawflowers. From there, I add more height and texture using cosmos, monarda greens, ammi, and oat grass. 


6 dahlias

10 stems asters

15 stems cosmos

10 stems strawflower

3 stems monarda greenery

5 stems ammi

1 stem oat grass

Watch the full workshop, below! If you make an arrangement inspired by this video, post it on Instagram under #frolicflowerclass.

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