Keeping your Cut Flowers Fresh!

If you are discouraged that your fresh flowers seem to be wilting quickly and not opening all the way, check out this quick resource to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your fresh flowers looking beautiful for as long as possible. The conditioning process florists use is a bit longer and more detailed but this quick guide will be super helpful to those arranging flowers at home. You can also check out this easy to reference reel over on Instagram!

Keep your flowers fresh by paying attention to these six factors.

Harvest time

If you are picking the flowers from your own garden or foraging, this needs to be done in the morning or evening when the flowers are most hydrated.


Flowers should be freshly opened. The preferable stage of opening will differ according to the variety, but generally it should be just beginning to open and look and smell fresh.


Flowers should be kept cool. The warmer they are, the faster they will age.


Fresh flowers will last longer in dark areas away from bright sunlight.


Water should be checked regularly and kept clean and fresh.


Clippers, vase, stems, and water should all be kept as clean as possible!

Download our full guide to keeping flowers fresh, right here!

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