Get a Wholesale Floral License

If you are interested in shopping your local wholesale flower market to buy flowers in bulk, you need to know about the application process and if you are eligible to shop there. The requirements vary city to city and country to country, but this video gives you an overview of how to go about getting access to your market. 

- Some wholesale markets are open to the public at certain hours.

-Most markets have early morning hours only for the trade.

-Wholesale floral markets are meant for florists or people who are using flowers in a product. If you are not a florist, and your market does not have public hours, it is best that you source from other places (examples here)

-If you want to shop for the trade, during the first hours of the morning, for the best selection, you will need to go through an application process.

-The application process involves showing that you have your floral business registered and set up!

For more information on sourcing, you can join me for a free 45 minute training where I detail all of the sources available to florists, and my own sources I use as a stylist and designer.

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