Flower and Garden Walk in Lisbon

I was invited by Faith Flowers to lead a group of floral designers and gardeners through Lisbon a few weeks ago. It was a lovely opportunity to curate a city walk focused on flowers and gardens, wandering our way through Jacaranda laden squares, iconic Lisbon flower shops, and city green spaces: both public, private, and secret (!) as well as flora-inspired cultural sites. Thank you to all the guides and contributors including the always amazing co-host Paula Guimarães. Here are some of our stops:

- Florista Ferreira Borges: Campo de Ourique´s 3rd generation flower shop.

-Veronika Blyzniuchenko’s “The Beauty is a Choice”  A temporary exhibit of fanciful flora and fauna paintings inspired by Portuguese azulejos and gardens.

-Jardim da Estrela with Tomás Tojo who highlights important species in the garden with historical and botanical context.

-A secret garden cafe located in a former palace and home of a natural science magazine founded in 1902. Lunch was petiscos of course! @broteriacafe

-Nuno Prate’s hidden botanical library and cabinet of curiosities. 

-The city’s oldest flower shop: Pequeno Jardim. 

-Nuno Prate’s wildly inspiring verdant indoor garden and tropical plant collection.

Thank you to all the people who contributed to this special walk and the 21 ladies who let me drag them through the city for some epic walking. Feel free to steal this list for your own flower and garden walk! If you’d like to visit the private spaces on the tour or have a more extensive floral experience in Portugal, visit the links below!

If you’d like to be part of an experience like this in Lisbon, sign up for our FLOWER AND GARDEN RETREAT, or put your name on the list for interest in in person experiences and workshops.

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