Floral Meditation: Tiny Flowers

This morning was a tough one. Out of coping mechanisms, after 16 months of lockdown by personal choice, I reached for the floral scissors and my homegrown balcony blossoms. Climbing sweet peas, crown daisy grown from foraged seeds, radish blossom, cosmo greens, and pennyroyal feel like miracles in this urban environment with no vegetation in sight outside my intimate garden balcony. The violas grown from seed have been almost stagnant for 6 months. Just this week, the first blossom appeared. Proof that patience and time often bring joy, or even small bits of hope.

I don’t have many blossoms in the garden but the ones there feel like small miracles after all the trial and error, coddling, failures, and time spent trying to keep healthy plants. The overwhelming fragrance from one sweet pea blossom leaves me purely in awe.

I am always telling my newbie floral students when I do workshops for offices and corporate teams, about the healing power of flowers. However, sometimes I need to remind myself. This morning’s floral mediation left me feeling comforted, and slightly healed. Sending love to all of you out there working hard to keep yourself and others safe despite the many forces working against us. I hope you can find some beautiful blossoms. Even just one, to brighten your day. 


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