In this follow-up to Floral Foundations, A Career with Flowers explores eco-friendly floral design, large-scale compositions, business, pricing, marketing, photography, and social media for your floral business. 

Create the floral business of your dreams with A Career with Flowers. Perfect for aspiring floral designers, floral stylists, floral artists, wedding designers, and flower farmers.



you will:

Deliver exquisite results for clients

Create floral installations and archways

Be confident in working foam-free and building an eco-friendly business

Create an outstanding portfolio through photography, editing, and branding

Learn the secrets of styling from a seasoned commercial stylist

Create beautifully branded social media with engagement

Learn the secrets to pricing your arrangements for profitability

Learn how to photograph flowers for your portfolio and social media



22 Instructional Videos

Downloadable Lessons + Worksheets

2 Installation methods

Foam-Free Archeways

Wire free-Cascading Bouquet Technique

3 Pricing Strategies

DSLR Photography


Phone Photography and Styling

How to Edit your Floral Portfolio

How to use Social Media Strategically to Grow your Business



Floral Designer


Thank you Chelsea! This is amazing and I really appreciate you putting all this extra effort to support me. I really enjoyed the one-on-one and I really value the personalization you put into the courses and the one-on-one - I would love to give a review! You are authentic, personable, a really a good listener, intuitive and supportive. All great qualities in a teacher, mentor!

I left our call with lots of momentum, inspiration and confidence to continue to pursue my floral career.


Floral Stylist + Floral Artist

Laurel Canyon

Taking Chelsea's courses have been life-changing! Her calm nature and extensive knowledge about every aspect of flower design as well as marketing, styling and photography have given me everything I need to launch a modern business. And, I had a blast! 

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What supplies do I need?

Each lesson has a recipe and supply list, though we encourage students to use what they can find locally or might already have at home. 

For ideas on flower sourcing, go here.

When do I have access to the courses?

Once you book a course, you will be sent your login details to access all the lessons within 24 hours. 

Are the classes live?

The lessons are a mix of pre-recorded video, worksheets, downloads, and flower arranging homework, to complete at your own pace. 

We hold one live workshop a month which all career students have free access to. We also hold live Q and A's for career students.

Where are the classes located?

All the coursework is located online! In our online classroom, which you have access to once you book your spot.

We have had students from the USA, UK, Portugal, Australia, China, Singapore, and Sweden, and many other countries around the world. 

The classes can be accessed with an internet connection!

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