What Students Are Saying

Flower students range from complete beginners to florists who want to brush up their skills. Below, discover the gorgeous flower arrangements students around the world are creating, and the feedback they have on the courses. Watching people fall in love with flower arranging is the best part of the job. 

Flower Arranging 101

Marie. C, Paris and NYC.

"Chelsea's 101 flower tutorial  is the equivalent of a yoga session with the scent of flowers."

Wedding Flowers

Jennifer, Portland, OR

"In Chelsea's online Wedding Flowers class, you can learn how to pick out and arrange flowers from the comfort of your own home with feedback from a wonderful teacher."

Flower Arranging 101

Emily Quinton, London, England

"I really enjoyed Chelsea's inspiring Flower Arranging 101 class. It inspired me to be creative with my flowers and I really loved that it was achievable. The lessons fitted into my busy life and really made me smile."

Flower Arranging 101

Danyelle, Washington State

"Floral Arranging 101 is the perfect, go-at-your-own-pace creative learning experience. Chelsea's inspiring lessons are easy to follow and full of tips and tricks that left me feeling confident and excited to play with flowers. 

The stress-free homework assignments pair perfectly with the lessons and Chelsea's individualized feedback really helped me improve."

More feedback from students:

Flower Arranging 101

"Your advice about running a floral business is very inspiring for me. I’m planning to do your “Wedding Flowers” course too, because I love your arrangement style, very fresh and romantic."

-Michela Emilio, Brazil

Flower Arranging 101

"Something I really loved about it and your teaching is that I only bought one bouquet of spray roses, 10 dollars. The rest I found around my neighborhood and in our garden -- greenery, little flowers, etc. So it's very cost effective and makes a big impact! You are a natural teacher and I love your approach, so accessible."

-Leela Cyd, California, USA

Hand-Tied Bouquet Class

"Your hand tied class was one of my favorite crafty experiences. I learned so much. Since then I have used what I learned and helped a three different  friends with flowers for special events."

 -Jen Proett, Oregon, USA

Flower Arranging 101

“Chelsea is a very encouraging and thoughtful teacher, her class gave me the confidence to create my own wedding bouquet and I couldn’t have been happier. It was really special to lean on the skills I gathered from Chelsea, and have a few quiet moments to myself to work with the flowers before the wedding. Years later, I still use methods learned from her class!”

-Jackie Jones, WA, USA

Live Workshops

I’m incredibly grateful for your flower classes that are a great source of inspiration/joy ! Very grateful for what I’ve learned from your classes.

-Laurie, NYC.

Flower Arranging 101

"I took Chelsea's flower arranging class to gain skills to be able to do my own wedding flowers. My wedding flowers turned out amazing, but the class ended up being such an incredibly fun creative exercise beyond that purpose! I loved every minute of it."

-Kate Miss, California, USA

Flower Arranging 101

"I was looking for an online class in flower arranging with a natural aesthetics, and I found Chelsea's class a breath of fresh air! She gives simple and effective tools to do it, plus i loved having a commitment to produce beautiful work every week! Can't recommend it highly enough!

-Sara from Hoje Special, Portugal

Flower Arranging 101


"I loved taking Chelsea's courses because it allowed me the freedom to work with a designer in my own home whose aesthetic is both natural and modern yet also has a nod to romanticism. Her instruction and assignments were an engaging experience. "

-Nancy Cook, NYC

All photos copyright respective students except Jackie's bridal photo by Jennifer Emerling.

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