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Flower Farming in Somerset: Postcards

$9.00 USD

Shipping $3.00 Domestic $5.00 International

A set of postcards chronicling the end of summer I spent on a flower farm in Somerset (the charming Manor Farm Cottage Flowers). Photos depict my time making arrangements, harvesting flowers, and working in the flower fields. Choose from a set of 3, 5, or 10 postcards. Size A5 printed on textured paper. Printed in Portugal with a small, family printer. Limited edition. This series will be available until September 30.

The Frolic! notecard collection feature a series of photographs from my personal journey across Europe. In 2014, I sold everything I owned and flew to Europe with a backpack, making my way through Europe on farms and creating flower arrangements wherever I landed. Series for each experience will be released each season in limited quantities.

Please note: The product ships weekly from Portugal. You will receive notification upon shipment, from then you should receive the product within 7-10 days.

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